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Roberto Benigni, La Vita è Bella.
"This fall and winter will truly be a hibernation of the touring individual. It’s time to go in and harness the inspiration that has been ever present for months. Our album will come out next year and I wish we had a timeline, but the fact of the matter is that it can’t come out until it’s good enough. We are slaving away at this record. It is and has been the most challenging experience of our lives. When is is finished it will all make sense. You guys keep us motivated. For that, we are forever grateful. Thank you. -Ry" - (via ryankfollese)
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Posting own photo of myself for the first time :)
: I'm officially leaving Hot Chelle Rae...


Dearest Fans, Friends, and Family,

Today marks the beginning of a new life for me. I’ve made the final decision to officially leave Hot Chelle Rae. Yes, this means I will from here on out, no longer be a part of the band. This is a decision that has been on my heart for a very long time. I…

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